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31 January 2010
Super Sunday!
Hey everyone! I hope your week has gone well. Mine proved to be pretty social...more so than I had planned. An invite from my boy to have a glass of wine at the wine bar turned into a whole night out with friends and him, playing pool and dancing to some good live music. :) I always say that I can't dance and that I have to have a couple drinks before I will, but secretly, I love dancing...especially with my love. Even if I do step all over his feet. Ha! Friday I stayed in and worked on a new pair of earrings and Saturday was a repeat of out and about social night with more dancing. Woo! And now I'm officially ready for some down time.

Gonna chill this weekend. The JenJen wants her hair dyed...which is a return of favor since she helped me lighten mine just recently. :) Then it's over to Michael's @ La Cantera to pick up some yarn for TWO custom scarf orders I got this week. So excited! I also got two custom orders for of which will be a pantry for a woman's kitchen...and another is two signs for a local business. So far the majority of my business comes from locals. I don't know how long that will last but I will take it while it's there.

I can't wait till February! I have two fun things to look forward to so far, besides Valentine's Day anyway. Check out the super cute watercolor above! The photo is a link, you can go see it @ holli's shop!

First is Happy Mail! I participated this month and made a new friend in Germany. She's a real sweetheart and sent me some super cute items. Love it! I got someone totally unexpected for February but I am super excited to put together a Happy Mail Package for her. It's going to be fun.

Also, this month I will be participating in the Pincushion Swap...a new event proposed by LA on the Freckled Nest blog. Click on the photo above to go to her blog and read about the SWAP! Super cute idea and I am also looking forward to seeing who I get to swap with. It's going to be exciting.
I can't wait to see what the month of February has in store for you! I would love to hear all about it. Drop me a comment and tell me some things you're looking forward to for February! Pretty please. :) Alright. I'm off to go pack for my Sunday/Monday weekend in Boerne. I have the itch to paint and doodle again so hopefully I will produce something worth showing off...and possibly something to add to the shop! Much LOVE and well-wishing to all of you. Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
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28 January 2010
So creative!
What a unique idea! Really think these are so witty. Don'tcha think?

Hope your morning has started off wonderfully! I will be back later with more on here from somewhere other than where you're currently at. Ciao for now!
Renea Hanna
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pretty please. ;)
27 January 2010
What would I do...
...if I saw one of these public installations by Mark Jenkins an amazing artist? I don't know but it'd be cool to see one. :)

26 January 2010
The Great Gatsby Flapper Necklace by Penny Threads
I have posted my newest item on Etsy! I love this one in particular and wish I could keep it for myself, but there will only be 3 made, so no can do. But I'm hoping that whoever snatches one up will love it as much as I do. :D Here's the LINK. And here's a photo...taken by the lovely JenJen!

Alrighty. I will be out and about this evening. Much love and well-wishing! Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.

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Don't really care what they serve...
...I just want to eat here at least ONCE! Wowza. I'm in love.

Oh, and if you haven't already, please add me to your Twitter. I'd love to follow you. Ha! That sounded creepy.'s my address:

K. Ciao for now and have a lovely day.
Renea Hanna
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25 January 2010
Okay okay okay... maybe giveaways ARE addicting. I love spreading the word for others and their etsy shops and the fact that the more you do it the more chances you have to obtain wonderful wares...well, what's not to like? But I must stop myself for the day. I have gone overboard. But I will mention a couple giveaways in particular that I found especially enticing:
First off, A Beautiful Mess is running a marathon of giveaways and DIYs with a plethora of super fun and coveted items up for grabs. My fave so far is everything in this Sponsor Giveaway Part 2! I want it all! But you should go enter as well. Maybe you'll share if you win? HA! I know worries, I wouldn't either. ;)
And my other fave giveaway of the day is on a blog called The Lost Earring. And it is by The Paper Button whose shop on Etsy has tons of stuff I love and WANT! Here's the GIVEAWAY as well. So go check those out and leave an entry...the best thing that could happen is you WIN! The other best thing that could happen is I could win. hehe! anyhoo...I said I was getting off the giveaways for today. So, done. Fin. Etc.
Today was semi-productive in that I finished another crochet dangle necklace for my shop on Etsy! It's gorgeous and there will only be three available so if someone likes it they better get it while it's gettable. I will list that tomorrow evening if all goes well. Stay tuned for THAT!
I also helped work on my boyfriend's dreads, which were in dire need of some maintenance. I live with him and his younger sister and all three of us have dreads! Lovely ones too I might add. They are clean and well kept and quite pretty. I like to think that we squash the dirty hippie stereo type whenever people see us. *shrugs* Who knows. I've had mine for nine months now and I still LOVE them. Here's some pics of us (I'm the blondie, Jen is the redhead, and Jonathon (my boy) is the...well, boy.):

I find unconventional beauty inspiring and I think that the three of us have it in spades! We call ourselves The Dreaded Three...and I imagine we will be that way for a long time. I love them! :D
Alright...well I must go help with dinner...spaghetti with cabbage and spinach sauteed in butter and garlic. OH MAN! can't wait to EAT! ciao for now you lovely people! Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads

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LOVE this sculpture!
Check out this amazing porcelain and ceramic sculpture. I wish it was functional. I totally want it! I would write epic letters at this lil' table and stool set. I would write to you if you wanted. And I would sign every one of them: From the my poercelain/ceramic stool, I bid you awesome afternoon.

Photo of a big bunny rabbit!

There will be a post later tonight! Stay tuned.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.

24 January 2010
Sunday Sometimes Slips Away...
So today was not as productive as yesterday...I got four items photog'ed by the JenJen and three posted to my Etsy yesterday along with working on all the HTML madness of this blog and set up my new twitter:
So yesterday was VERY productive considering how lazy I have been this whole month. I guess I needed it though after severe allergies (darn cedar) and the madness that was December and New Year's! Here's a cute photo of my second New Year's kiss with my boy:

Love him too much!
So today started out with the dreaded LAUNDRY! I hightailed it over to my mum's and did that and chatted and showed her all of my shop updates. She loves to know what kind of things I have going on.
Then I came back here and somehow managed to waste HOURS messing with the HTML of this bloggy again and managed to mess it up so bad a few times that it seemed irreparable...but thank goodness it wasn't! Woo!
Posted a new item on Etsy today as well.
Here's the new items I added yesterday and today:

OOAK It's My Party Necklace:

These two Wrap and Pin Scarflettes (soft and snuggly!):

AND these Wood Sprout Dangle Earrings:

I love them all and want to keep them...but alas I will not.
And the JenJen is such an amazing photographer. I love having her available to shoot my stuff. She makes a great model too! She's the redhead in the green Wrap and Pin Scarflette. yay!
Alrighty. I must stop there for tonight. I am hoping to get back on my regular blogging schedule soon. I figure as long as I try to get one up a day, no matter how short it has to be because of time constraints...well, that's a good start. Ciao for now all you wonderful and lovely people. Good night and sweet dreams!
Renea Hanna
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23 January 2010
No idle hands here!
So. I have been of the things I've occupied my time with being this blog. It still has some tweaks and snippets that need to be done, but I'm liking the way it's shaping up. :D
Tonight will consist of posting new items to Etsy, one of which I already have up! Check it out:

Wrap and Pin Scarflette by Penny Threads.

Isn't JenJen so gorgeous in that scarflette?!?! For those of you who are wondering who the JenJen is, she's my boyfriend's younger sister. She just turned nineteen and is an amazing photographer. In fact, she will be starting up her own Etsy soon (so stay tuned for that)! Green really is a great color on her.
In other news, I also have a new treasury up!

Handhewn for You.

Please go check it out. I featured some of Violet Bella's lovely earrings and O Bella Natural's wonderful soaps, among other beauties by very talented artisans.
Alrighty, I am off to finish up some more fix the annoying little HTML tweaks for the thousandth time! Argh! Much love and well-wishing!
Ciao for now.
-Renea Hanna
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22 January 2010
i'm still here...still working.
this is just a quick hello to let everyone know that I am still here! :D Been very busy with the new year...and as you can see building my blog is one of the things I've been busy at. It is still under construction, so please bear with me. If you do happen to notice any links or buttons or such that doesn't work correctly, please let me know. That would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will have it all done by the end of this month and I can start February off right! Much love and well wishing to all of you!
ciao for now.
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