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29 April 2010
What I've been up to...(Pt. 2) a lot of down time with friends and family. Like I mentioned in the last entry...I am going through some creative dead time...not sure exactly what's wrong but I'm kind of just laying low and enjoying the people around me hoping that it returns soon. I have had the urge to start writing again, however that's a different story for a different time. I have a poem beginning to crawl from the depths of my head-vault and I am trying not to be anxious for it to take form. They scare easily you know. *wink*


So as I said...downtime. This past week Jonathon and I got to spend some time along together on his family's ranch while they were in Houston for the circus. It was really needed and I enjoyed being with him one on one. Not that I don't enjoy everyone else, however, when you're in love with on one time just brings you that much closer. I feel more myself when it's just him and I.


I love him so much. I don't express it in the most convincing ways sometimes...but I really do. We've been together almost two years now and I can't imagine anyone else being in his place.
Awesomely enough, the weather was absolutely gorgeous during out days together and one day in particular we spent outside a lot.


We went for a walk to the back pond that had filled up with water after having been bone dry for about two years and played a little fetch with Pachuca, Jen's lab. She's obsessed with fetch...and as Laura would say, that is an understatement. I love this pic...looks like both Jonathon and Pachuca are waiting for me to pick up the ball and throw it. LOL!


After our walk we headed back to the cabin and I had the urge to be out on the tank in the paddle boat. It felt like a great day for being out on the water. Jonathon and I emptied the rainwater that had filled the paddleboat and then shoved off.



After pushing off and drifting away from the shore we soon discovered that we had no steering capabilities and just went in circles. Upon closer examination Jonathon discovered that the rudder was not attached! Oh no! So through a series of paddling forward in a semicircle, drifting and paddling backwards in a semicircle we got close enough to shore for Jonathon to pull us back in and try to reattach the rudder.


We got it back on, however, when we shoved off again it dug into the mud and got stuck. We decided that it was pointless and having discovered that through a little patience and maneuvering we could get back to shore just fine we decided that paddling in lazy drifty circles around the water was better than giving up and not enjoying the water at all. So we threw our misgivings to the wind and drifted on.


We drank a couple beers and enjoyed the view, relaxed and trailed our feet in the water. Pachuca was stuck on shore and was pacing the perimeter of the tank, thinking, "You guys! I want to go too!" At one point it looked as if she was going to swim out to us! Silly puppy.


I have been toying around with reflective surfaces as well and really liked the way this one came out. I hope to be utilizing some more reflective sufaces soon such as chrome on vehicles and windows. I also have some ideas with mirrors as well. Anyone else have any reflective surfaces I should play with?



When we finally headed back to shore (because we ran out of beer, should have brought more out there) Jonathon played a bit of fetch with the crazed and left out Pachuca while I snapped some photos.





Spring is obviously still in full bloom here as you can see. I am enjoying all of the colors and vibrancy. I will shoot it while it's here because soon enough it will be too hot to be out for long and then it will be fall. Looking forward to some great summer adventures though it looks like the beach is out of the question due to that horrendously horrible oil leak happening in the Gulf of Mexico right now. Such a thing just breaks my heart and it's moments like that when you wonder how much longer you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of this earth if we keep up the way we are. My heart is heavy with that this week.


The time we got to spend together this past week was amazing and fun filled and intimate at times. I could definitely feel my love for him deepen and it was a reminder to me to enjoy his company more than I have been. Every day is a gift and nothing is guaranteed. If you love something...well by golly, make time for it and cherish it while you have it!

Ciao for now you wonderful people. I hope all is well with you and yours and if it's not, I hope that it will be soon and that you can have the foresight to see the sun will rise again and things will get better.
Much love and well-wishing.

Renea Hanna.
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26 April 2010
What I've been up to... a lot of down time with friends and family. Every now and then I need to take a step back and recharge. Sometimes I have to wait for the storm to pass and for my drive to return. So here it is in photos, because that was the one creative avenue I felt at ease with...


Modeled the awesome head wrap that Betsy of O Bella Naturals sent me for my birthday. I just love it and you'll see it in some later photos on an adventure with my lil' sister.


I spent some time at my mum's house and got some great shots of her Clematis Vine that's making it's way up the patio trellis'.


I am also toying around with the idea of abstract macro shots of things found in nature, like the one here of this dandelion. I really like the way the black and white interact without needing the explanation that it is a tangible item. It is just there, this little piece of interest, asking to be noticed.

My younger sister, Miriam, and I decided to go on a little photo walk and see what we found.


She's so pretty and she doesn't even know it. Silly girl. It's a pretty cool thing to be able to admire a younger sibling. She's pretty amazing and I'm sure those of you that know her will agree.


The sun was setting as we were walking and it provided some really great photo opportunities. The past couple of weeks I have really enjoyed experimenting with lighting and how to manipulate it with the camera. It's been challenging and so much fun! Most of the time the sun in my lens inverses everything and it's impossible to tell what the photo will look like until I view it afterward. I just love the unpredictability of that!


We came across a tree that had long fallen in the lake and decided to venture out onto it. I sent the little sister first. She's expendable. Hehe. Totally kidding.


I then left Dolly (my camera) in her capable hands and ventured out myself. It was fun and my bare feet felt really good on the trunk. That sort of connection really helps when you feel sapped and uninspired. It does for me, anyway.


The lake on our family's ranch is just gorgeous right now. It is full and bustling from the recent rains we've had. I grew up swimming in this place. My brother and I and our cousins would all venture down there with floaties and flipflops and towels (unsupervised, the best part) and spend the whole day there only going home because of the growling in our guts.


It really felt good to get back to the roots and stomping ground and soak up some of the amazing energy and life out there. It's a quiet place with lots of beauty to enjoy. My studio is actually located on the same property so that world of possibility is right out the door, be it for the better or for distraction. ;)

I will be posting more of the past week so stay tuned. I am off to bed now. Darn that 8 am doctor's appointment.
Y'all have a good evening and sweet sleep when you do drift off.
Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna.

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12 April 2010
Fun in the Spring Time!
So yesterday we were set to go to a cookout at Laura's (Violet Bella) Dad Tim's house with a few other friends. So Jonathon and I headed into town and picked up some coffee at the Dogleg Coffee House and then, since Laura wasn't at her house yet, we parked ourselves in her lawn furniture like a couple squatting hippies and enjoyed the misty, cool morning.


I got a vanilla latte and, since Jonathon likes his on the sweeter side, he got a white chocolate latte. They were yummy! I split mine with Laura since I'd already had a cup o' joe at the house and didn't want to be wired.


Her fluffy, fat and BEAUTIFUL cat Bella joined us outside, munched on some grass and lay down to duly have her tummy rubbed.


The coffee was working.


Laura had posted this new pillowcase top to her Etsy Shop, Violet Bella, that morning and brought it out to show me in person. I of course LOVE it and would love to buy it. But I have a custom top coming from her for my recent birthday. So excited about that!


And she sported one of her tops, this one not for sale, to the cookout.

We chilled there for a bit till James, Laura's husband, got home from work and changed. Then we headed over to her Dad's house which sits on 22 acres of gorgeousness! It was so beautiful and amazing. Apparently Laura's Dad, Tim, and her mother had built on this house and land for the past thirty years and it had evolved into this very vibrant and inviting landscape of surprises and beauty.


Just some detail shots of somethings around the property. It was very peaceful.


Jonathon made some really awesome bean dip under the supervision of Laura's new companion, Hazel the Fawn.


Hazel soon decided she was underdresed and dawned a stylish ribbon and tube top. Such the fashionista.


We all headed out to the porch and joined in our own conversations. Pretty sure Jonathon and James were talking music or movies. Those two can go back and forth over those two topics forever.


Laura started giving Isabel, Shelley's daughter, some photography pointers as Isabel had brought her own child friendly camera and was dutifully photographing everyone. It was adorable.


Shelley's relatively new addition to her family, Xavier, was telling Jonathon this long tale about how he had saved a little girl from drowning and how all of the attention afterwards was too much for him. Hehehe. Just kidding. But he was ADORABLE! Such a character.


Jonathon picked up some Red Stripe and Laura had brought some Kirin Ichiban. We had quite the internationally diverse selection of beer.


I find myself often just kissing him 'cuz he's so frickin' adorable. Love that boy!


So glad he brought his straw fedora. Love this hat!


Laura's dad's lady friend. She was so nice and I can't wait to hang out with her again.


Jonathon climbed up on an elevated part of this huge semi-wrap-around porch. I liked the view from up there.


We all gathered around the fire and eagerly awaited the weenies and various other food fare.


It was all really yummy! I hope this is an omen of more cookouts to come.


Dominic and Shelly were such a delight to hang out with and their children were so ADORABLE! Just lovely to be around.


Everyone settled into conversations after food. Soon people started to leave and it was Laura, James, Tim, Jonathon and I left. We talked more and then decided to head over to Laura and James' house to chill some more. James and Jonathon jammed while Laura and I talked about some exciting new ideas and possible collaborations until the wee hours of the night. Jonathon and I eventually said goodnight and headed home singing some Quiet Company with the windows down, all the way back out to the country.
Great day. Great food. Awesome friends. Couldn't ask for more in life.
Thanks for tuning in.
Much love and well-wishing.
Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna.
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