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25 January 2010
Okay okay okay... maybe giveaways ARE addicting. I love spreading the word for others and their etsy shops and the fact that the more you do it the more chances you have to obtain wonderful wares...well, what's not to like? But I must stop myself for the day. I have gone overboard. But I will mention a couple giveaways in particular that I found especially enticing:
First off, A Beautiful Mess is running a marathon of giveaways and DIYs with a plethora of super fun and coveted items up for grabs. My fave so far is everything in this Sponsor Giveaway Part 2! I want it all! But you should go enter as well. Maybe you'll share if you win? HA! I know worries, I wouldn't either. ;)
And my other fave giveaway of the day is on a blog called The Lost Earring. And it is by The Paper Button whose shop on Etsy has tons of stuff I love and WANT! Here's the GIVEAWAY as well. So go check those out and leave an entry...the best thing that could happen is you WIN! The other best thing that could happen is I could win. hehe! anyhoo...I said I was getting off the giveaways for today. So, done. Fin. Etc.
Today was semi-productive in that I finished another crochet dangle necklace for my shop on Etsy! It's gorgeous and there will only be three available so if someone likes it they better get it while it's gettable. I will list that tomorrow evening if all goes well. Stay tuned for THAT!
I also helped work on my boyfriend's dreads, which were in dire need of some maintenance. I live with him and his younger sister and all three of us have dreads! Lovely ones too I might add. They are clean and well kept and quite pretty. I like to think that we squash the dirty hippie stereo type whenever people see us. *shrugs* Who knows. I've had mine for nine months now and I still LOVE them. Here's some pics of us (I'm the blondie, Jen is the redhead, and Jonathon (my boy) is the...well, boy.):

I find unconventional beauty inspiring and I think that the three of us have it in spades! We call ourselves The Dreaded Three...and I imagine we will be that way for a long time. I love them! :D
Alright...well I must go help with dinner...spaghetti with cabbage and spinach sauteed in butter and garlic. OH MAN! can't wait to EAT! ciao for now you lovely people! Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams.
Renea Hanna
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Blogger Robyn said...
Spreading the word about other sites' giveaways makes for good karma. I feel like you are more likely to win one of them now. :)

Blogger penny threads. said...
Who knows. I still have some bad karma to make up for. So...go enter! If at least someone I knows wins one...I will be uberHAPPY! Thanks for the comment and the positivity. woo!

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