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24 January 2010
Sunday Sometimes Slips Away...
So today was not as productive as yesterday...I got four items photog'ed by the JenJen and three posted to my Etsy yesterday along with working on all the HTML madness of this blog and set up my new twitter:
So yesterday was VERY productive considering how lazy I have been this whole month. I guess I needed it though after severe allergies (darn cedar) and the madness that was December and New Year's! Here's a cute photo of my second New Year's kiss with my boy:

Love him too much!
So today started out with the dreaded LAUNDRY! I hightailed it over to my mum's and did that and chatted and showed her all of my shop updates. She loves to know what kind of things I have going on.
Then I came back here and somehow managed to waste HOURS messing with the HTML of this bloggy again and managed to mess it up so bad a few times that it seemed irreparable...but thank goodness it wasn't! Woo!
Posted a new item on Etsy today as well.
Here's the new items I added yesterday and today:

OOAK It's My Party Necklace:

These two Wrap and Pin Scarflettes (soft and snuggly!):

AND these Wood Sprout Dangle Earrings:

I love them all and want to keep them...but alas I will not.
And the JenJen is such an amazing photographer. I love having her available to shoot my stuff. She makes a great model too! She's the redhead in the green Wrap and Pin Scarflette. yay!
Alrighty. I must stop there for tonight. I am hoping to get back on my regular blogging schedule soon. I figure as long as I try to get one up a day, no matter how short it has to be because of time constraints...well, that's a good start. Ciao for now all you wonderful and lovely people. Good night and sweet dreams!
Renea Hanna
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Blogger Violet Bella said...
i love that photo of you and jonathan! and i love seeing jen modeling, so wonderful! your things are looking amazing! i love love love those new cowls, they do look so cozy! and i love the color of those earrings! those flowers beads are my favorites to work with!!! yay! love you!

Blogger penny threads. said...
thank you thank you! especially for all of your encouragement. <3

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
Sundays seem to slip away for me too! What a cute picture!! :)
Your shop is filling up so nicely! I checked it a few days ago and was really excited for you that it's coming along so nicely!
You've done an awesome job on your blog, putting together a scheme can be so time consuming! I still have my banner the wrong size on mine :) oh well!
Thanks for including me in your treasury, I really appreciate it!
And I agree, any kind of blog entry is good, even if it's short, I enjoy reading your blogs!


Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks Betsy! I was happy to put you in my latest treasury, your soaps are so beautiful not to mention i'm sure they smell and feel wonderful. i think i will order some very soon. and thanks for always checkin in on my stuff! i really appreciate that. much love and well-wishing chick! have a wonderful monday and week if i don't talk to you before then. ciao.

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