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22 January 2010
i'm still here...still working.
this is just a quick hello to let everyone know that I am still here! :D Been very busy with the new year...and as you can see building my blog is one of the things I've been busy at. It is still under construction, so please bear with me. If you do happen to notice any links or buttons or such that doesn't work correctly, please let me know. That would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will have it all done by the end of this month and I can start February off right! Much love and well wishing to all of you!
ciao for now.
renea hanna.
penny threads.
Blogger Violet Bella said...
hey girlie, loving the new look! this background is the same one I used for James myspace! He let me redo it a few months ago! I love it so much, I think it would make beautiful tattoos. So happy to see you working on this. love you much!

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