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31 January 2010
Super Sunday!
Hey everyone! I hope your week has gone well. Mine proved to be pretty social...more so than I had planned. An invite from my boy to have a glass of wine at the wine bar turned into a whole night out with friends and him, playing pool and dancing to some good live music. :) I always say that I can't dance and that I have to have a couple drinks before I will, but secretly, I love dancing...especially with my love. Even if I do step all over his feet. Ha! Friday I stayed in and worked on a new pair of earrings and Saturday was a repeat of out and about social night with more dancing. Woo! And now I'm officially ready for some down time.

Gonna chill this weekend. The JenJen wants her hair dyed...which is a return of favor since she helped me lighten mine just recently. :) Then it's over to Michael's @ La Cantera to pick up some yarn for TWO custom scarf orders I got this week. So excited! I also got two custom orders for of which will be a pantry for a woman's kitchen...and another is two signs for a local business. So far the majority of my business comes from locals. I don't know how long that will last but I will take it while it's there.

I can't wait till February! I have two fun things to look forward to so far, besides Valentine's Day anyway. Check out the super cute watercolor above! The photo is a link, you can go see it @ holli's shop!

First is Happy Mail! I participated this month and made a new friend in Germany. She's a real sweetheart and sent me some super cute items. Love it! I got someone totally unexpected for February but I am super excited to put together a Happy Mail Package for her. It's going to be fun.

Also, this month I will be participating in the Pincushion Swap...a new event proposed by LA on the Freckled Nest blog. Click on the photo above to go to her blog and read about the SWAP! Super cute idea and I am also looking forward to seeing who I get to swap with. It's going to be exciting.
I can't wait to see what the month of February has in store for you! I would love to hear all about it. Drop me a comment and tell me some things you're looking forward to for February! Pretty please. :) Alright. I'm off to go pack for my Sunday/Monday weekend in Boerne. I have the itch to paint and doodle again so hopefully I will produce something worth showing off...and possibly something to add to the shop! Much LOVE and well-wishing to all of you. Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
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Blogger Violet Bella said...
so glad you got out dancing, how fun! who did you see??? you and your boy dance so cute together :)

wow, two custom scarf orders! and two paintings! amazing, sounds like a great week! most of my early orders were always locals! dont worry :)

hmmm...I am looking most forward to me and james anti-valentine's tent party. And getting some style school projects done, maybe! OH, and putting the finishing touches on your Xmas present! Maybe youll get it in July, lol!

much love, have fun in boerne! i want to see drawings so bad!


Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks girlie! glad you had such a good day thrifting! did you find some goodies? tell shelley i said hello! *mwah*

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
Oh you sound super busy, but that's awesome!!
Have I mentioned how much I love your dreads, they rock. I've secretly always wanted dreads, but wondered what happens when you get sick of them... somewhere down the line I came to the conclusion that I would have to shave them off... true... not true??
I didn't get a chance to join the cushion swap, bummer! My machine isn't working, but I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Dancing sounds fun, I haven't danced in who knows how long.
Ohh February... it snuck up on me. I am looking forward to a date day/night with my guy, doing some sewing, making lots of necklaces, taking lots of pictures, it feels like it will be a lovely month!!

Post some pictures of your paintings if you get the chance! I love your paintings, they inspire me!


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