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12 April 2010
Fun in the Spring Time!
So yesterday we were set to go to a cookout at Laura's (Violet Bella) Dad Tim's house with a few other friends. So Jonathon and I headed into town and picked up some coffee at the Dogleg Coffee House and then, since Laura wasn't at her house yet, we parked ourselves in her lawn furniture like a couple squatting hippies and enjoyed the misty, cool morning.


I got a vanilla latte and, since Jonathon likes his on the sweeter side, he got a white chocolate latte. They were yummy! I split mine with Laura since I'd already had a cup o' joe at the house and didn't want to be wired.


Her fluffy, fat and BEAUTIFUL cat Bella joined us outside, munched on some grass and lay down to duly have her tummy rubbed.


The coffee was working.


Laura had posted this new pillowcase top to her Etsy Shop, Violet Bella, that morning and brought it out to show me in person. I of course LOVE it and would love to buy it. But I have a custom top coming from her for my recent birthday. So excited about that!


And she sported one of her tops, this one not for sale, to the cookout.

We chilled there for a bit till James, Laura's husband, got home from work and changed. Then we headed over to her Dad's house which sits on 22 acres of gorgeousness! It was so beautiful and amazing. Apparently Laura's Dad, Tim, and her mother had built on this house and land for the past thirty years and it had evolved into this very vibrant and inviting landscape of surprises and beauty.


Just some detail shots of somethings around the property. It was very peaceful.


Jonathon made some really awesome bean dip under the supervision of Laura's new companion, Hazel the Fawn.


Hazel soon decided she was underdresed and dawned a stylish ribbon and tube top. Such the fashionista.


We all headed out to the porch and joined in our own conversations. Pretty sure Jonathon and James were talking music or movies. Those two can go back and forth over those two topics forever.


Laura started giving Isabel, Shelley's daughter, some photography pointers as Isabel had brought her own child friendly camera and was dutifully photographing everyone. It was adorable.


Shelley's relatively new addition to her family, Xavier, was telling Jonathon this long tale about how he had saved a little girl from drowning and how all of the attention afterwards was too much for him. Hehehe. Just kidding. But he was ADORABLE! Such a character.


Jonathon picked up some Red Stripe and Laura had brought some Kirin Ichiban. We had quite the internationally diverse selection of beer.


I find myself often just kissing him 'cuz he's so frickin' adorable. Love that boy!


So glad he brought his straw fedora. Love this hat!


Laura's dad's lady friend. She was so nice and I can't wait to hang out with her again.


Jonathon climbed up on an elevated part of this huge semi-wrap-around porch. I liked the view from up there.


We all gathered around the fire and eagerly awaited the weenies and various other food fare.


It was all really yummy! I hope this is an omen of more cookouts to come.


Dominic and Shelly were such a delight to hang out with and their children were so ADORABLE! Just lovely to be around.


Everyone settled into conversations after food. Soon people started to leave and it was Laura, James, Tim, Jonathon and I left. We talked more and then decided to head over to Laura and James' house to chill some more. James and Jonathon jammed while Laura and I talked about some exciting new ideas and possible collaborations until the wee hours of the night. Jonathon and I eventually said goodnight and headed home singing some Quiet Company with the windows down, all the way back out to the country.
Great day. Great food. Awesome friends. Couldn't ask for more in life.
Thanks for tuning in.
Much love and well-wishing.
Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna.
Penny Threads.
So jealous of your get together! Glad you guys had a great time and can't wait to see what comes of the collaboration conversation. :)

Blogger Jamie said...
Such beautiful pictures! Sounds like a wonderful time!!! xo

Blogger Violet Bella said...
it twas a wonderful time thanks to you guys! many more to come! for sure! fun photos girly! muah! xoxo,

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
These pictures were wonderful to look at. I loved seeing glimpses of Laura's parents beautiful land. It looks like you guys had a great time enjoying friends and family! Roasting sounds like a lot of fun right now!
LOL I love how hazel makes it into pictures here and there, makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing these! You girls are awesome :)

Blogger coolbreeze said...
One of the best sundays ever!

Blogger Stephanie said...
I nominated you as a beautiful blogger!! Check out my blog for details <3

Blogger miss indie said...
awesomeness! looks like you all had a fantastic time.
oh and btw, you take some of the best pictures everrr.
seriously. XO.

Blogger Rachael Thomas said...
Aww.. that looks like so much fun! I love your pictures!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
LOVE the pillowcase top!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love it, love it, love it when you post picture heavy posts :) It's like looking at the world from your eyes and I get to know a bit more about your own little world...
I'm jealous of your awesome cookout! It looks so fun and even Hazel got to be with all of you!!
On a side note, I tagged you :) check out my blog to see what's all about.
A big hug gorgeous!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
that cat is so lovely!

Blogger Anna Liesemeyer said...
how fun!! love cookouts. I have them all summer long.
your friend's work is amazing!!

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