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02 March 2010
Busy busy bee....
So I haven't been on my blog for a few days...but I'm still here. I have been playing catchup on some things and most importantly, working on my upcoming studio space. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to show some pictures. (My new camera comes in the mail tomorrow, so there will be TONS of photos!)

I am hoping to have it mostly finalized by the beginning of next week but as you all well know, life can have different plans. Laura, of Violet Bella, will be helping me do some painting and crafty things to dress it up on friday. There will be pictures of that as well! I am using some wonderful ideas that I have seen on some DIY tutorials recently and am very excited for that!

To go from crafting out of huge totes of mish-mashed items and plastic grocery sacks shoved wherever they will fit, to having shelves and organization and pretty things surrounding you...well, my friends, I don't have to tell you how wonderful that transition can be. I'm sure many of you made such a transition and can testify as to how much it changes your creative process for the better.

In fact, I would LOVE to hear from y'all as to just HOW it changed your creative process and what sorts of things you did to PERSONALIZE your new studio space. Go ahead and leave me a comment, I'm so interested for sure!

Alrighty. I hope this finds you well, loved and warm.
Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
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Blogger Cat said...
Yay for your new studio! You'll feel so much clearer in your crafty head. My craft room has been so cluttered lately. Before I finish one project, I'm already starting another one and so there is stuff everywhere. I decorated with different random things my friends have sent me and some things I made. I still have other things I want to add/change but I'm getting there and you will too! Can't wait to see pics!


Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks Cat! I don't think a studio will cure my problem of starting other projects in the middle of some, but at least now i'll have the space to let it sit until i come back to it. :D such a good idea to include things your friends have given you. that is a MUST!

Blogger Anaurora H said...
I'm so happy for you!! I completely understand... I actually do all my arty/crafty stuff in a) my room or b) the attic. And it SUCKS. Not only because of the lack of room but because I hate not having a space specifically for that. But oh well, I'll wait 'till we move and have more room to do stuff.
Hope it ends up beautifully dressed up!! And that you guys have a lot of fun doing it!!

A big hug!!


Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks Ana! there will be plenty of pictures and hopefully plenty of lovely cute details to make it feel perfect. :D and when you get YOUR own space...i want to see pictures too. i know it will be lovely.

Blogger Stephanie said...
I know how you feel! when my husband and I were dating, I used to lug around a huge blue rolling suitcase full of my scrapbook supplies from my house to his! My neighbors always though I was going out of town when I would drag it to my car! It's so nice to have a space to call your own and just scatter everything all over the floor! lol.
Now I am finding it hard to believe I fit everything in a suitcase when I am having a hard time fitting everything in its own room!
Good Luck with the studio and have fun with it!


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