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27 February 2010
Alrighty! My giveaway is finally here, delayed for a day, but HERE! I hope you all are as excited as I am. Now down to business.

{Please leave ONE COMMENT with ALL of your answers and links, and just leave a total point amount at the bottom of your comment. Please include your email address so I can contact you when you win!}

1 point: Follow my blog

1 point: Re-blog this giveaway

1 point: Post this giveaway on Facebook

1 point: Tweet this giveaway

1 point: Tell me your favorite item from my shop: Penny Threads

1 point: Tell me a dream (ambition) of yours

1 point: Tell me something nice you have recently done for someone

1 point: Friend me on Facebook

1 point: Follow me on Twitter

10 points: Buy something from my Etsy Shop during this giveaway.

TONS of ways to enter and get you that much closer to winning!

Now, what's up for grabs:

FIRST, you will win your choice of 5"x7" matte print from my shop, which includes my newest one, Behold, Black Forest Cake!

SECOND, you will win this colorful and playful, hand-crocheted scarf.

ALSO, you will win this vanilla scented candle in a bright, colorful tin.

PLUS, this magnetic notepad for your fridge with 6 gel pens, 2 of which are metallic...

AND a package of one of my favorite low fat candies.

...with a few surprise goodies thrown in.

SO, there is quite a lot of cute stuff up for grabs.

This giveaway closes at midnight on March 6th.

READY, SET, GO! Have fun and ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.
Blogger Olivia said...
1 point: I posted your giveaway on Facebook
1 point: I love the Great Gatsby Flapper necklace :)
1 point: My life goal is to be the president/executive director of a nonprofit that helps the poor.
1 point: I helped one of my friends from church band move over the weekend.
1 point: We're already friends on facebook. :)

That's a total of 5 points.


Blogger penny threads. said...
Thanks Olivia! Good luck to you. :)

Blogger Jacque said...
AH such a cute giveaway!! I'm definitely a follower of your blog and on twitter!!

It's really hard to pick a favorite out of your etsy shop because everything is so lovely! It's a tie between the I heart honey bees dangle earrings and the black licorice scarflette!

My biggest dream is to become a makeup artist or a comic book artist. I also dream to be a college professor teaching theatre history and directing to young dramatists.

One nice thing I have done recently is to make some cupcakes for my mom and her co workers.

My tweet about your blog can be seen here

My email is

Yay!! That is 6 points total!

Blogger carolina said...
I absolutely adore your crocheted items (even if i don't win, i wanted to let you know)

1. reblogged this giveaway! :) yay!
2. following your blog
3. added you on facebook.
4. My favorite favorite item is the green wrap and pin scarflette ambition, is definitely to be an awesome high school art teacher, theres something that inspired me through highschool to be a teacher mainly the teachers itself. There are no words that can describe that things i learned from specific teachers throughout those 4 years, i really hope i can impact someone like that. I really hope i'm more than just a teacher.
6. hmm, one thing that i have done nice for someone is...being a listener, and truly listening to that person. and being that comforter to that friend.

whoever wins is gonna be really happy!!

Blogger penny threads. said...
i would totally let you do my makeup Jacque! thank you so much for entering and good luck!

thank you to you as well carolina! one of my best friends from art school is now an art teacher and he LOVES it. great ambition and best of luck to you!

y'all are awesome. :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I retweeted this giveaway here

I am now following your blog :)

My dream is to be a very successful Etsy seller fulltime!

I follow your blog.
I blogged about your give away.
I posted this on facebook.
I tweeted
My favorite item in your shop is the dandelion keepsake box.
My current ambition is to live as eco friendly as I can.
I helped a friend pack up some of her house, she's moving soon.
I am a friend on facebook.
I am now following you on twitter.
9 points. :)
I would love to buy something but I went on a etsy spree lately and my husband would not be a happy camper. haha

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Blogger penny threads. said...
thank you and good luck! i totally understand about the shopping spree. there's just too much awesome stuff on Etsy! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I want one of those prints so bad...
*I'm a proud blog follower!!
*Tweeted!! @anaurorah
*Favourite item from the shop is the Teal Me It's True scarflette. It's so perfect.
*I'm a proud Twitter follower!!
*My biggest dream at the moment is to open a crafty/arty shop and go to art school.
*Last nice thing I remember doing is that last week I visited an old lady that lives alone and having tons of family without any of them ever going to see her, she was happy that I made her some company. So I guess that's something nice :)

That makes it a total of 7 points, I would have more but I don't have a Facebook page and I have no money so I can't buy anything right now...

Have an awesome day Renea!! Much love!!

Blogger penny threads. said...
Aw...that's so sweet of you! I'm sure that lady appreciates your visits, they must be something she looks forward to. Very nice. Good luck to you and thank you for your support! :D

1 Point--I am now following your blog
1 Point--I posted the giveaway on my Facebook.
1 Point--I tweeted the giveaway.
1 Point--My favorite item from your shop Penny Threads is
Chocolate Covered Cherries Cowl
1 Point--One dream or ambition of mine is to publish a book of poetry or essays on independent women's wrestling and have a book signing for it.
1 Point--One nice thing I have done recently is dig my mom's car out of the snow. (Got 2 feet here.)
1 Point--I am now following you on Twitter.

So total points is 7 points. Hope I Win!


Blogger Cat said...
What a cute giveaway!!

1. I follow your blog!

2. I really like the "It's my party" necklace in your shop.

3. A dream of mine would be to build my own house, have everything just how I like it. TONS of kitchen space and big windows for lots of light! Maybe even a dark room if I'm brave!

4. Something nice: I helped a lady pick up some items that fell out from her shopping bag while she was walking to her car.

5. I just friend requested you on Facebook

6. I already follow you Twitter! (AFcat84)

Wow, that was a lot of entries hehe!


Blogger penny threads. said...
oh man! thanks for entering Cat! and i think you should definitely put a dark room in your house when you build it. :D good luck to you chick!

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
Fantastic! I'm so excited!

I follow your blog - 1 point
Blogged your giveaway - 1 point
Tweeted! - 1 point
Fav in your shop - Striped Flora Wood Box... and The Rising Sun earrings :) - 1 point
Dream - I'd like to someday own my own shop/cafe. Where I sell my wears and my husband makes awesome breakfast omelets, and we make fresh coffee all day long. Amazingness. - 1 point
Something nice - I made my grandparents lunch a few days ago after a hard day in the emergency room. - 1 point
Following! - 1 point
Friended - 1 point

Total = 8!


Thanks for this giveaway Renea!

Blogger penny threads. said...
if you had a shop/cafe that served breakfast i would have a roadtrip just to go visit and eat some delicious omelets and have coffee. totally! thanks for entering and best of luck! :D

Blogger Stephanie said...
OOO. Wonderful giveaway!

1)I am a follower!
1)I Blogged about it!
0)I won't let me befriend you on fb. idk why
1)I'm following you on twitter!
1)My fav from your shop would have to be "Teal me it's True Scarflette" SOo cute!


Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks for entering. sorry about facebook. :/ you still get points for the effort though. :) good luck girlie!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i LOVE this giveaway. everything is just too cute!

1. follow you on twitter
2. re tweeted your giveaway
3. posted giveaway on facebook
4. it wont let me add you on facebook, and it wouldn't even let me message you on there either
5. i LOVE the wrap and pin scarflette on your etsy
6. my dream is to open my own hair salon someday
7. something nice i did- i volunteer at a soup kitchen mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, i guess that would qualify? or if you meant a favor i did for someone, i'm taking care of my grandpas cat because she's really sick and he can't take care of her.

my e-mail:

love your blog, girl. keep it up!

Blogger penny threads. said...
thanks for entering! sorry about facebook...i have no idea why it's doing that. better go check my settings i guess. lol! i hope you DO own your own hair salon someday. best of luck in the giveaway. :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...
1 point: I'm a follower!

1 point: I am reblogging on my bday post! yay!

i gave up fbook for lent and I can't figure out!

1 point: Tell me your favorite item from my shop: I LOVE the golden leaves and crochet branches... so pretty and an amazing idea

1 point: Tell me a dream (ambition) of yours: to pass boards so I can be an amazing optometrist!

1 point: Tell me something nice you have recently done for someone: giving free eye exams to special olympics kids!... next I am off to mexico to give more free exams!!

-Katie 5 pts

Anonymous Anonymous said...
PS i tried to send that comment in earlier and my comp timed out! boo! I may have been to late... but really I sent it in like 10 min ago... boo! (its my bday... have mercy!!)

Blogger penny threads. said...
mercy granted though not needed. :) your comment was posted at 10 pm when the contest still had two hours. nice! i hope you DO pass your boards...optometry seems very complicated and i admire that ambition. good luck to you! :D

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