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02 April 2010
So I know...'s been FOREVER since I posted last. My computer is currently in a coma so that is a HUGE part of it. And then I have been busy. For those of you that follow me on sites like twitter and facebook you've seen the new stuff posted to my shop on Etsy. For those of you that DON'T know...well, let me tell you. ;D
The JenJen was my ring model for my new line of Cream Puff Rings! Isn't she just adorable? Love her and her cuteness.
These are the 3 rings I am featuring now. I will have more up this weekend in different colors and buttons. So excited!
Also, an item that was also just recently added to my shop...probably a couple weeks ago, are my Ragdoll Bags. I just love them and have sold five so far. They are super cute and have all that handmade charm that your favorite ragdoll did as a child.
I still have a couple in the shop if you want to go check them out. I will also be posting more of those this next week as well. I have turned into a sewing fool!
In fact my mum snapped a photo of this sewing fool the other day:
So, I have been super busy, not to mention that I just opened my new photography shop on Etsy today: Penny Pictures. I am running a grand opening sale this weekend only, 2 prints for $20! Most of the photos I have up are spring inspired and they will always mostly have to do with nature because that has always been and will always be one of my biggest inspirations. I have some new photos going in soon I hope...they are on my comatose computer at the moment. But here's a sneak peek of some:
Anyway, please accept my apology for being away so long. I didn't mean to. It just kind of happened that way. I am seriously hoping that my computer will be fixed by tomorrow so expect to see much more of me on the blogger scene very soon. I miss you all!
Also, please go show some love for my friend Laura. She has been huge in helping me in my recent successes and has been cranking out some real beauties over there in her Etsy Shop. I think you all should definitely go check them out. I am going to have her make me a pillow case top very soon. :D
And also I wanted to give a shout out to Betsy of O Bella Naturals who bought one of my very first purses and Katelyn who bought THE very first one. Thank you girls and your photos are sooooo lovely and appreciated. *mwah*

Much love and well-wishing to you all!
Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.
P.S. If you'd like to see more of me:
SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!I was thinking about you the other day and was concerned...stupid computer not giving me my Renea fix...


Blogger penny threads. said...
lol! well thank you. i have missed you too. :D sooo glad to be back.

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
Ohh thanks for the shoutout! Of course you have been missed here, I love reading your blogs, but you have been creating and what you've done is awesome! I love my bag!! And I'm loving your new etsy shop, your photos are just awesome!

Blogger S and O said...
Cute baggies!!!
I really love those rings...that green one is fantastic!


Blogger Violet Bella said...
so happy to see you on the blog! and i am loving all of your creations. i tote my ragdoll bag everywhere :) i love your photo shop! my word you have been busy today! im excited to see you tomorrow! happy early bday!!! fun stuff all around! thanks for the shout out dear! you are an inspiration to me as well, you have been one to always tell me what i was really worth, and i thank you for that! big love!

Blogger Lens Based Fiction said...
Loving the rings!

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