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12 April 2010
Just a quick note...
...I finally did a banner and bio for my Etsy Photography shop: Penny Pictures. Also, I made a new Penny Threads banner to go with it. Thought I'd share the stuff and see what you thought.



it's a moment. that's all. that one little fleeting bit of life that has something special to it. aesthetic. fun. colorful. dramatic. worthy of note. these are my notable moments.
stay a while.

I am not sure about the bio. A bit too much? I don't know.
And here's the new Penny Threads banner:


I am working on some photos of our cookout at Laura's Dad's House. It was so amazingly beautiful out there. It was a great experience all around. Can't wait to show y'all. Ciao for now...I hope all is well.

Renea Hanna
Penny Threads. (and now Penny Pictures).
Blogger Anna Liesemeyer said...
it looks fantastic! how exciting! congrats!

Blogger Violet Bella said...
these banners are stunning, and i love the bio!!!

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