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05 April 2010
So I have finally finished my studio space and it is ready for me to start working there on a regular basis. In fact, in order to maximize productivity, I will be staying the night there 3 or 4 nights a week. This is a trial period to see how it works or if I just get too lonely. I'm personally thinking that I will be too lonely away from my love, Jonathon...but we shall see.


I am in love with the way it turned out. Though it is a little cluttered I will finalize the details such as organization and the way it works with my process while I'm in there. I LOVE this yellow table that Jonathon's mum lent me. She gave me free reign to paint it as well. Major hearts for that woman! She is always helpful and kind.


A shelf for my antique thimbles. And various other stuffs. I repainted it as well.


I've always got to have my books around me. They bring me comfort. They are familiar. Like a movie to fall asleep to, I used to enjoy reaching for one of my books instead. I will be getting back to that too.


This bookshelf has sooooo much stuff...well, stuffed onto it! Hehe. It is a catch all until my inventory gets to be too much for it. But I also think by maintaining limited space I will force myself to cull through new acquisitions and old ones that just sit there.






I love that black and orange lamp. I got it and the shade a few years ago and recovered the shade and painted the body of the lamp. It has traveled with me through a few states now.





Jonathon got me that guitar. I have yet to learn it. I feel like such a phony even having it in the photo, but I am wanting to spend some time with that in my studio as well. I want this space to not only be where I create my crafts, but where I continue exploring as many forms of creative expression that I can.
I'm pretty sure that I have made a place for exactly that. But again, it is what I make of it. That will be the true test. Me having the self-discipline to make this space exactly what I intend it to be...a birthplace for amazing ideas and beautiful things.
In other news, I have added some photos to my shop: Penny Pictures. I am adding more tomorrow. I remember someone suggested to stretch it out...don't update a bunch at once. I am not sure if this works like they said it would but I am giving it a try. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming later this week:


I just LOVE this house. When I get my own...I am going to purposely neglect the paint job. This is just beautiful, to me anyway. *shrugs*


And if it didn't affect the door's functionality, I would let it warp and crack just like this one. I am fascinated by the way sun and moisture can alter the state of things. You will see more of what I'm talking about as I post more photos. I am planning a whole series on such things. Can't wait to show you all!
That's all I have for now. I am planning on sewing some more Ragdoll Bags as there is only ONE left in my shop! And keep your eye out for more Cream Puff Rings and coordinating pieces. Ciao for now you lovely people!
Renea Hanna.
Penny Threads.
P.S. I had a wonderful birthday and will be posting about that later this week. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and everything! Much love and well-wishing.
Blogger Jaimie said...
Gorgeous studio! I love the chipping paint too.

Blogger Violet Bella said...
i am wildly excited about how your space turned out, wow, way better than i even imagined! cant wait to come play in it! i am so flippin proud of you renea, you have no idea. i am just enjoying watching all of you unfold...i am loving your photography also. all of it, love it and love you!

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
Honestly, these photos look like are straight from a design blog - your space is AMAZING!! Every piece seems unique yet goes nicely with everything else. How on earth did you do this? How do you feel about visiting me when I get me cob studio built and helping me set up??
Your style really just exudes from this space, I know you are going to make great things in there (and some great music!)
Is that a Lord of the Rings book I spy?? I love the trilogy :)
Have you submitted these to Etsy Open Studios group on Flickr? You totally should.
Awesome job girlie! And I love your new shop, you are so talented.

Blogger Anaurora H said...
Ahhh!! Your studio turned out so awesome! I'm in love with the colors and furniture and items... ok, everything! It's so you. It looks so cozy and charming :)
Oh Renea, I wish I lived anywhere near Bandera! That way I could stalk you and Laura -VioletBella- in the real world and not just virtually :) hehe
No, really, you are so talented.
Have the best of the weeks!
Much love, Ana

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