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10 March 2010
...was so BEAUTIFUL! As soon as I drove up I saw Jonathon, Carin and Rose (his two littlest sisters) flying kites! It has been too long since I flew a kite...but it came back to me like riding a bicycle.

Jonathon and I helped Rose and Carin keep them in the air, gave them some pointers and untangled them when they wound 'round eachother in the sky.

At one point two jets flew by real low and banked to the right as if to say hello. They must have seen our kites way up there in the sky. They routinely fly training runs over the Texas Hill Country so a part of growing up here is watching for the jets as you hear their roar ripping through the sky.
Then the JenJen and her mum got back from a Ladies' Picnic held at a neighbors and JenJen joined in. We were all kite-flying-fools.

I snapped some pics of Rose and Carin, the youngest of the McDonalds. They are the cutest girls you will ever meet. No kidding. They are such huge fans of Michael Jackson that they even staged a whole montage of his songs and did his dance moves one night when Laura of VioletBella came out to their family's ranch. Ask her...she'll tell you. They were so into it.



Have you tried the new Shiner beer? It's a Czech Style Pilsner. Delicious!

And here's some pretty pics...

I am loving the low lighting effects of indoor chandeliers and fixtures. Expect to see more of these.

Can't wait for full blown Spring. It's peekin' 'round the corner. Spring puts a HUGE smile on my face.

And that's all I've got for tonight. I hope your week has gone well so far and that it ends even better. Ciao for now.
Renea Hanna.
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Blogger Violet Bella said...
is that a dogwood at the bottom? i have been eyeing some trees around town that i must go photograph, my dad said they were dogwoods. rose and carin are simply two of the most amazing little girls ive ever met in my life. and yes, their micheal jackson skills blew me away, i want to see a second show!!!

Blogger penny threads. said...
you that you mention it, i think it IS a dogwood. i was headed home after work and saw it growing in a bunch of dead trees on the side of the road in front of mansfield park. i actually did a u-turn, parked, turned on my hazards and trekked through road-kill smelling knee-high grass to get this. lol! probably TMI but...yeah. go get some pictures! the blooms won't last forever. :D

Beautiful. I have been wanting to fly a kite for the longest time. That's actually on my to do list lately. You've inspired me to make it happen FASTER. :)

I can not wait for Spring and your package as well! I love indoor chandeliers as well. I visited Houston last April and I must say the Spring weather in Texas is great!

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
These pictures are just awesomeness. Thank you SO MUCH for the tips on setting for manual. I've been too scared to use it, I'm so used to point and click! But I've got a book and will read what all the settings and stuff do.
That day looks like it was so awesome! What beautiful weather!!
Lovin your indoor pics, you've made me want to try to get some decent indoor pics!
I LOVE those flowers and the focus you got with them! I don't think dogwood grows down here, but I absolutely LOVE it!!

Blogger Rachael Thomas said...
aw, I have not flown a kite in nearly ten years!!!

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