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04 March 2010
I want y'all to meet Dolly.
She's my new camera. And she makes pretty least, she will when I learn what I'm doing. Hello possiblity...

This is Pachuca Sunrise. She is the JenJen's lab. Isn't she gorgeous? She's got quite the attitude and a pretty big obsession with fetch. Such a fun character in the mix. The tank on the ranch just recently filled up enough for swimming and she would have nothing to do with it for about a week. When finally, mostly because of her obsession with fetch, she overcame whatever misgivings she had with swimming and paddled frantically for each and every stick. One time Jonathon and I walked up on her swimming around looking for sticks on the bottom of the shallow end. She had a whole stack by the time we discovered her.

Just a lesson in macro...the JenJen is my Yoda. And learn I will.
So excited about that.

A practice shot while on a break at work. I felt silly but that didn't stop me. I am too excited to have the ability to capture whatever I see at any time. I want Dolly with me pretty much all the time. I know that will wear off...but please bear with me through all of the boring shots. I'll gain some perspective here shortly. ;)

This is the JenJen with her very grown up Nikon. I feel like a toddler next to her and that pretty perfect apparatus. Teetering along, awkward and eager. It makes me laugh. But you got to start somewhere eh?

We (Jonathon, the JenJen and I) drove down to Ross road (where I've never been before) and JenJen suggested some long exposure shots of the rushing water. I did not discover until we were on the drive home that I had left my camera in macromode for this whole duration but they are what they are. A glimpse of how Dollly saw the day.

That mistaken macromode came in handy a few chance times since I forgot about it. Ha!

This is, of course, my love. Meet Jonathon. He has just cut off his 2 year old dreads a day ago in this photo. Though the change was significant I find him just as handsome as before. I've always thought he was very dashing. ;)

I also think he favors Jason Mraz here. Just love him in a fedora.

Mirabelle. Such a lovely little bandit.
Much love and well-wishing.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.
OpenID ahhhjennie said...
Reneaaa! I absolutely love this post. I am so excited for you! and if you keep seeing the beauty in little things, the wanting to carry your camera around everywhere with you will never wear off.
"The JenJen is my Yoda" part made me giggle(well, you know that because you were right next to me when I did).
Just let me know if you have any trouble or need any tips. We can be photography(and Photoshop!) nerds when ever you feel like it. I hope my first lessons somewhat made sense! I really am not that good at explaining things, even though it makes sense in my head, hehe.
I'm excited about all of the photo adventures we will be going on together :)
P.S. Mirabelle holds a hell of a lot more still for you than me! I'm jealous xD

Blogger penny threads. said...
thank you so much! I absolutely cannot wait until the beach this summer in particular. And the many adventures in are right. EXCITING!
You are a great teacher. I get what you're saying and if I don't I ask. No worries there. :)
Mirabelle is such a glam girl. I think she was actually modeling at this point. lol! I just had to push her out of my lap about a million times.

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
I totally relate with you! The possibility to take great pictures is awesome, I just got a Nikon about 3 weeks ago, and feel so inadequate compared to it! These pictures are great, I love all of them, I will totally bear with you because I love looking at your photos :) Macro mode is my favorite setting right now, (it's pretty much the fanciest I can do), it takes some cool photos, I really like the one by the river, with JenJen out of focus, really cool. Lucky you to have a teacher! When you learn, come to Florida to teach me :) Or can you just post tips up here, like that long exposure time, I haven't tried to do anything with that yet, I think I need a tripod first.
Can't wait to see more!

Blogger Violet Bella said...
i am so excited for you, all three of us girls need to go on a photography adventure, or 2 or 3 or 100! i would love to pal around with you and take pics. you are going to learn so much from the amazing jen! something i never had, so you are going to blossom super fast with this! it took me years to get where i am at, which still feels very amatuer to me. and jen is right, that feeling wont go away!

Blogger penny threads. said...
thank you betsy! i would gladly come to florida...i've never been. :D but until then if you don't have a tripod i just use a chair, a table or lay on the ground and place my camera on a flat surface so that it's steady. get creative...anything can be a tripod. lol! i will have jen do a guest blog maybe this weekend with some pointers and techniques. :D
i can't wait to go on some photoging adventures with you laura! we are going to have so much fun. and i am very lucky to have the jenjen teaching me. though, your self-discovered photo techniques are much to be admired as well. i admire the very distinct feel your photos have. you and jenjen BOTH have. i can't wait till i arrive at MY distinctive style. ;) it will be a journey.

Blogger justinee said...
yay for photography!
cute blog :D

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