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20 February 2010
The wind down.
perfect way to relax after a CRAZY day at my "for the bills" job: chill at the local coffee shop to some live music (including the local talented duo, art and lisa) and flit around the net in search of lovely things. i will be making my way over to the wine bar/cigar lounge later this evening, but right now i am just enjoying having nowhere to go and nothing to do but be where i'm at right now.

check out these adorable penguin classics!

i LOVE the covers and LOVE the classics. i think they sell for around $20 each normally but it looks as if amazon has marked them down right now!
in other news, jen, my boyfriend's little sis is an amazing photographer! she has a massive collection of 365 photos...i think she's going on her second or third year??? anyhoooo.
as vain as it sounds, i love how i look in her photos! and i used to REFUSE photos because i hated them so much.


alrighty, i'm off for now. gonna go peruse the web some more, crochet a bit and try to ignore this grumbling in my tummy. i think she's craving an asiago cheese board. mmmm.
ciao for now you wonderful humans!
Renea Hanna
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Blogger Violet Bella said...
hey love! glad you are spending time just chillin, sounds perfect! i am baking cupcakes and getting ready for company:) i love that photo so much, tell Jen I would like a copy, Ill pay her if she wants! I seriously want this photo in my studio! so, shoot me a message somewhere and update me on the life! xoxo,laura

Blogger penny threads. said...
no problem i will let her know. looks like those cupcakes turned out yummy. i saw christie and her man in line at the store last night. so glad they're in town! hope you had fun and i will catch up with you VERY soon. miss you bunches.

Blogger miss indie said...
oooh that does sound like the perfect way to relax.
and those books! oh my! I want them all, oh how cutee :]
I hope you're having a lovely/lazy Sunday.

Blogger rachel! said...
thank you for the heads-up about the amazon discounts! i'll have to look into that, because they are CHARMING!!

Blogger xoxoKrysten said...
Perfect way to relax =-)

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
I looove hanging out at the coffee shop, sounds like a fun time! That's a beautiful picture and so are you!! Tell Jen her photography is amazing, I sneaked a peek at her livejournal and perused her pictures, lovely! Nice deal on those books, thanks for the link! Can't wait to see what you've painted!

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