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19 February 2010
Quick Stop at the Thrift Shop.
So today on my way out of town after running errands and such I thought I'd pop into the thrift store. Didn't expect to find much because it seemed to have run dry there for awhile, so I expected to leave with nothing. I was wrong!
I found two LARGE embroidery hoops!

six lovely vintage floral pillow cases!

those aren't actual photos as i am currently without a camera. boo! thought i was gonna get one with my tax refund...that didn't work out. anyhooooo...they are very similar though, and in perfect shape!
i plan on making skirts out of a couple of them. two are matching and going to fill those lovely large embroidery hoops as wall hangings in my soon to be studio space. and i have no idea what to do with the other two...but i'm sure it will come to me.
i ALSO, and i think this is very special, found a Witch!

a Witch, apparently, is a vintage automatic needle threader made in West Germany dating from the 1950's. So cool!
and i ALSO found four antique thimbles. i haven't taken pics of those yet but will maybe use my phone tomorrow or this weekend to try and get some.
it was a most epic day for little thrills and i am satiated for now.
Well I am going to finish this glass of wine (a sauvignon blanc) and hit the hay...or bed. either will do.
please go show some love for my current treasury: I've got sunshine...
ciao for now you fabulous people!
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.

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Blogger Violet Bella said...
ooo, i love big embroidery hoops! great finds! funny we were doing the same thing yesterday :) too bad we werent together!

Blogger penny threads. said...
yes that's exactly what i was thinking when i read that you had gone thrifting as well! lol. next time we will go together. :)

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