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17 February 2010
will the real dreams please stand up?
ever since i was a little girl i have dreamed of many things. all of them, whether they be astronaut, actress, dancer, artist, writer, required that i be a strong independent woman. they all required that i have focus and determination and drive. they all DEMANDED my commitment and investment, as any worthwhile dream should.

even though many of those dreams were not to be, there were two in particular that i am still holding onto today. one day i wish to be a dancing astronaut.

only kidding. it's virtually impossible to tap dance in little to no gravity least i imagine it is since i've never actually tried it.
the two dreams that i am still holding onto and pursuing are: artist and writer.

through everything, every day, bad or good, the number one ways in which i seek to express myself or my feelings are through writing and art. some days i act on that desire, lately, many i don't. it has been a bad habit of mine to let my dreams take second seat. i am so done with that.

i have been dying to reach for the sky, so to speak. i had a feeling about this year when it quickly approached and i still have that feeling now that we are almost two months into it. and two months into it i am not pleased with my progress or my mental state. i am not happy. i should be. this is MY year! i just need to seize it!

there are so many things i am doing right now that are not conducive to productivitiy or creativity for that matter. i have an opportunity to make my life better. to pursue my dreams. to put my nose to the grindstone of my choice. why am i not doing all i can to make sure that i will be spending many years to come making a living doing what i love? why am i not running like my life depended on it? i would not be happy waking up for my day job the rest of my life, when i know i could be waking up to a studio, a painting, a children's book in progress with only me, my coffee and my imagination left to run wild all day. i want that. and i am going to have that.
the next few weeks will involve some revamping of my creative situation. it's do or die for me at this point...not THAT dire, but i'm serious and seriously not going to give up on my dreams or let them take the back burner anymore.
ciao for now, lovelies. i am off to work on a very promising little painting.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.

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Blogger Violet Bella said...
renea, i love your honesty in this, and your enthusiasm. you know good and well that i am so here to back you up and encourage this road you are taking. it is so worth it. it does take alot of hard work, and yes determination, and long days, but to be able to make your own schedule for the most part is wonderful. But also hard, b/c you have to make yourself work! But it is not really work, b/c you are loving it all along the way. YOur mental health will have a big role in it though, if you are drained emotionally or mentally, it can be almost impossible at times to keep that creativity and motivation. i cannot wait to see all that you do! you should start sharing tid bits of your writings here on the blog, i love reading what you write creatively. i am thinking that one photo/writing project may come later, but i could still get you started on the writing if you want! much love, i could go on and on...

Blogger O Bella Naturals said...
I'm so routing for you!! I encourage you to do just as you said and run with it! Your talent is so clear and evident, you will do so well. I agree with Laura that is it hard, I've found it to be hard for me, like right now, I should be doing some sewing instead of browsing blogger :) But working for yourself is amazingly rewarding, like no day job I've found has offered. So good luck, I will follow you along the way! Now I'm going back to sewing :)

Blogger Jamie said...
I'm feeling the same way lately! My head is full of different things and I get so overwhelmed that I end up not doing anything! It's crazy! I'm here for anything you may need! A cheerleader, somebody to keep you accountable, etc!
I was feeling so uninspired and discouraged today. Then I came home and your card arrived today. Thank you soooo much! It was just what I needed today. I appreciate it sooooo much!!!!! xoxo

saying this out loud and sharing it with others affirms your
dream is possible...can't wait to see you blossom with all
this creative energy!kelly

Blogger Ann Marie said...
love this post. thank you for opening up your heart to us. i too have dreamed so much, and have expected so much from myself. it all pays off. it really does. i share your dream of writing...and after much fear and tears and agony i finally got accepted to my dream graduate program in creative writing. you can do it. your blog is just oozing with soul.

Blogger Amy said...
I have to say that I completely agree with you. I'm in college right now and while everyone around me is gunning for careers and jobs in corporate buildings, I'm trying to find a way to make my crafts business succeed and avoid what my mother would call "a real job." I want mornings in studio and days spent scouting inspiration. And I believe in it. I'm sure you'll succeed in your dreams, and I wish you the best :)

Blogger penny threads. said...
thank you everyone for your support and your comments. just being here and seeing so many others that share a similar dream is inspiring and motivating! many of you women are my rolemodels and every time you succeed i feel like i am that much closer to succeeding. thank you everyone! i am cheering us ALL on. ;D

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