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15 February 2010
A beautiful day...
...for a jog. So I've finally bought some running shoes and broke out the ol' jumprope and sports bra. I jumped rope, jogged, did knee lifts, pushups and finished off with some power walking to cool down. My motivator?

A red fifties styled swimsuit much like this one. I can only hope that I can look this good in it. Hence, the jogging and jumping and exertion. We have planned a trip to Port A this summer. For those of you not from Texas, that's Port Aransas in the Gulf of Mexico. A frequented summer retreat for my family since I was a little girl and since I haven't been back in over ten years...well, I figured it was time.

Super excited and motivated. I really want to look good for this return to my favorite summer place ever! We will be spending a full week there. Camp on the beach a few nights, go deep sea fishing and play some frisbee in the sand. *sigh* Bliss, here I come.
Ciao for now lovelies. I hope your Valentine's Day was sweet and happy.
Renea Hanna
Penny Threads.
Blogger Violet Bella said...
now i am ready for summertime, this post made me remember how much i love the beach and all that goes with excited you are taking a trip! woo hoo, tons of photos please??? love the swim suit you have your eye on, you can do it girl! you rock anything you put on. love you much, and im proud of you!

Blogger penny threads. said...
oh yes! there will be plenty of photos. and i already bought the swimsuit so i HAVE to look good in it. too many times i wait until i look good in something to buy it and then it's gone or i am never motivated because i forget. this way that swimsuit is in front of me at all times...telling me to play it smart. :D thanks girlie!

Blogger ColeAndJosephine said...
Oh! I'm tired just reading this! :) that swimsuit is totally worth it

Blogger Kate and Oli said...
that sounds like lots of fun! i know exactly how the prospect of getting into a bathiong suit can make you want to tone up and slim down! good luck!

Blogger miss indie said...
ooooh my freaking goodness, that bathing suit is to die for! I love 50s inspired swimwear, I think it is so much sexier than all of the trampy bikinis.

I hope you have fun on your little vacation! When I was younger we would spend each summer in Galveston. We'd go shopping on the boardwalk, collect shells for jewelry, and watch the crabs come out at night. There was this AMAZING little chinese place right on the beach and it had this tower that you could go to the top at eat and look out over the water. It was so magical :]

Blogger penny threads. said...
miss indie that SOUNDS magical! my favorite part of port a would have to be the deep sea fishing. i LOVE being out on the ocean with no land in sight in any direction! and at night when you come up on the big tankers all lit up like a! thank you, i can't wait.

and thanks ColeAndJosephine and Kate and Oli for the comments. that bathing suit is TOTALLY worth it. ;D

OpenID ahhhjennie said...
We will most definitely look good in those swimsuits come summertime! Though I must say that you look damn good just how you are :)

I would have commented much sooner, but blogspot has only just now stopped raging at me for trying to comment with a Livejournal account, hehe.

Blogger penny threads. said...
lol! love you jenjen. we will ROCK those swimsuits. you're damn right! ;D

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