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16 December 2009
sleep, sweet sleep.
i stand by my commitment to post an inspiration per day, but alas, i am sleep deprived. i tossed and turned my way into zombie-status today and am useless to the world until i catch some zzz's, SO tomorrow i will be doing a double post of inspirations, one of which will feature some sharing of my personal favorites! can't wait...also to look forward to tomorrow: the "i LOVE me award!" which was passed on to me by violet bella. go check out her blog at the aforementioned link and i will deliver and then some tomorrow. while you're checking out her blog be sure to stop by her shop and check out her adorable new earrings here ---> BEAUTIFUL NEW EARRINGS i hope that everyone has had a great day and remembered to be inspired by the tiny things! adieu to all, and to all a goodnight!
ciao for now.
renea hanna.
"this little heart of mine is stitched together with penny threads."
double inspiration is always good!

Blogger penny threads. said...
most definitely! :D inspiration overload coming your way tomorrow. 'night.

Blogger Violet Bella said...
thanks so much for the mention sweetie! cant wait for the double whammy!

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